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Business Lines

Equita is the leading Italian independent investment bank, reference partner for Italian companies and institutional investors, with 45 years of experience.

Independent advice and deep knowledge of capital markets grant Equita credibility among domestic and international institutional investors, ensuring a unique positioning in the Italian market, with a focus on mid & small caps.

Equita conducts his business through different business lines, which are continuously supported by a research team, recognized as one of the key actors in the Italian scenario.
Access to the Research Area

58million euro of
Net Revenues in 2019

at December 31st 2019

170listed companies
in the coverage of the
Reserch Team

1billion euro of Assets under Management
in 2019

Recent Transactions


Customer: CDP Equity

Date: January 2021

Assignment object: Financial Advisory

Activities performed: Financial Advisor to CDP Equity in the acquisition of a 30% stake in Renovit from Snam

Value of the transaction: € 31 mln


Customer: Cairo Communication

Date: December 2020

Assignment object: Financial Advisory

Activities performed: Financial Advisor to the Related Party Committee of Cairo Communication in the contribution in kind of the business units Cairo Pubblicità and RCS Pubblicità into the NewCo CAIRORCS MEDIA S.p.A.

Value of the transaction: Undisclosed


Customer: BPER

Date: October 2020

Assignment object: Capital Increase

Activities performed: Joint Bookrunner

Value of the transaction: € 802 mln

Share Performance
Last price
Financial calendar

Board of Directors (FY'20 Results)

Approval of the Draft Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements
as of 31st December 2020



Via Filippo Turati, 9
20121 Milano

Tel: +39 02 6204.1
Fax: +39 02 29001208/1202