EQUITA assisted Viridis Energia

The transaction in a nutshell

EQUITA assisted Viridis Energia

FNM accepts the term sheet binding offer for the purchase of an 80% stake in Viridis Energia and enters the renewable energy generation business. In the transaction, EQUITA assisted Viridis Energia as financial advisor.r l’acquisto dell’80%di Viridis Ener

Viridis Energia S.p.A.
January 2024
Entry of FNM S.p.A. in the share capital
Financial Advisor
€ 59 m

The Company

Established in 2010 with the goal of producing electricity in a sustainable way and grown over the years by integrating all the skills within the company, Viridis Energia creates value in the entire life cycle of each project.
Thanks to the financial strength of the corporate structure and the management's deep experience in the development, construction, and operation of renewable source plants, the company efficiencies plant production by offering green energy at competitive prices compared to generation from fossil fuels.