Be aware of particularly appealing investment opportunities – represented by easy, fast and particularly profitable earnings – as they are likely to be fraud attempts. Unfortunately, these fraud attempts are becoming frequent and insidious.

Equita Group does not carry out commercial banking activity and does not directly contact private citizens.

In order to avoid frauds, you should always:

  • check the sender of the request: any e-mail coming from an Equita Group company shall always be sent from the "" domain; similarly, any web page referable to the Equita Group shall always have the "" extension. Never trust forwarded e-mails and/or addresses not having the correct extension.
  • check any detail: please verify that the text does not contain unusual wording, spelling or typing errors.

Therefore, as a general rule, always be wary of communications not using the official domain "" and of links or web pages not including the "" extension. Be wary of unexpected calls through which people declaring themselves to be employees of the Equita Group ask you to carry out transactions in close proximity (e.g., with urgent requests for money transfer), propose you excessively advantageous investment opportunities or offer to carry out professional activities of other nature.


In light of the above, should you be contacted by people declaring themselves to be employees of the Equita Group and offering investment opportunities similar to those described above, or in any event in case of doubt of any kind, please report such fraud attempts to the competent Authority and immediately inform the Company through the following e-mail address:


Your contribution is essential to allow us to intervene in a timely manner and avoid the recurrence of similar frauds attempts.