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A unique model, built on four complementary and synergistic areas of business

As the leading independent investment bank in Italy, we offer a broad range of financial services that include M&A and corporate finance advisory, access to capital markets, insights on financial markets, trading ideas and investment solutions, in Italy and abroad, assisting clients and partners with their financial projects and strategic initiatives.

Research is at the center of the strategy. Clients can get access to a leading trading floor constantly connected with financial markets globally, a successful investment banking team that has a strong track record in the execution of complex transactions, and an independent multi-asset management platform which successfully manages alternative asset classes investing in private debt, private equity, infrastructures and renewables.

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Investment Banking

The only truly independent one-stop-shop in Italy, capable of meeting all financial needs of entrepreneurs, corporate issuers and financial institutions

Our Investment Banking team is made up of committed and expert professionals, with a proven track record in the execution of strategic transactions and a multi-disciplinary, deep know-how. We offer a complete range of products and services addressed to listed companies, corporates, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and investors.

In the recent years, the team has diversified its offering, thanks to senior hirings dedicated to new verticals, and has further consolidated its sectorial expertise (industrial, consumer, structured finance, real estate...) to assist clients with tailor made solutions and outstanding out-of-the-box thinking.

Our solutions

Equity Capital Markets

  • IPOs and Listings
  • Accelerated book-buildings (ABBs, RABBs...)
  • Equity-linked issues
  • Right issues
  • Takeover bids and tender offers
  • Private placements

Debt Capital Markets & Debt Advisory

  • High-yield, investment grade, and not rated issues
  • Sustainability-linked and green bond issues
  • Private placements and “Mini-bond”
  • Debt advisory in the renegotiation of terms and conditions on debt instruments, structured finance...)
  • Advisory in management of workout and disposal of bad loans

M&A Advisory

  • Mergers and acquisitions, public and private
  • Spin-offs and advisory in strategic transactions
  • Asset disposal
  • Takeover bids
  • Fairness opinions
  • Corporate restructuring

Corporate broking

  • Advisory to Board members
  • Market intelligence and performance analysis
  • investor targeting
  • Specialist

Real Estate Advisory

  • Definition of strategic plans to manage, increase value or dispose real estate assets
  • Advisory to owners and real estate investors in the acquisition and sale of assets, and monitoring of financial and non-financial investment performance
  • Financing and structuring of innovative investment opportunities in the real estate sector

Key People


EQUITA K Finance

EQUITA Real Estate

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Global Markets

The largest independent trading floor in Italy, offering its best-in-class services to investors, financial institutions and issuing companies

Our trading floor offers third-party brokerage services (Sales & Trading) and proprietary trading services on behalf of clients (Client-Driven & Market Making). Financial instruments covered space from equities to fixed-incomes, from certificates to derivatives and ETFs. Clients get access to the most important global trading venues and appreciate our flexibility in building the right strategy on markets.

The division is composed by smart, market-oriented sales and traders. Everyday the team interacts with more than 400 institutional clients all around the globe and more than 70 financial institutions and banking groups to execute the investment strategies of their retail clients.

Our solutions

Sales & Trading (Institutional)

  • Equity (Italy)
  • Equity (Europe, US, Asia...)
  • Fixed Income Desk
  • Derivatives and ETFs

Sales & Trading
(Retail Hub)

  • Brokerage of retail flows on behalf of banking groups and regional banks
  • Dynamic best execution
  • Multi-execution and multi-venue
  • Listing of branded securities

Proprietary Desk

  • Proprietary trading on behalf of clients on equities, bonds, ETFs, derivatives, certificates
  • Access to all main financial markets
  • Market maker and role of Specialist in all main trading venues (Euronext, MOT, EUROTLX, HI-MTF, SEDEX..)

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We support institutional investors' decisions with unbiased insights on global financial markets and outstanding research with in-depth analysis of listed companies, especially on mid-small caps

Our equity and fixed income research stands out for its in-depth analysis and quality, as well as for its expert analysts who have been consistently at the top of international rankings for many years.

Full independence, deep understanding of industry trends and fundamental analysis, very broad coverage, both in terms of market capitalization of issuing companies and sectors, is what we offer to investors, in addition to a strong knowledge of sustainability and ESG.

Our solutions

Research reports

  • Equity
  • Fixed income
  • Macro
  • Sectorial and thematic
  • ESG and sustainability

Periodic reports

  • Good Morning
  • Equity Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Monthly Report
  • PIR Monitor
  • ESG Report
  • Weekly Fixed Income
  • Monthly Fixed Income

Meetings between listed companies and the financial community

  • Roadshow
  • Meetings
  • Conferences

Key People

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Alternative Asset Management

One of the leading multi-asset managers in Italy, offering long-term capital, managerial skills and industry competences

We are a fast-growing asset management platform, mainly focused on alternative, illiquid strategies and built on the expertise of high-standing professionals with decade of experience in liquid and illiquid markets. 

Our purpose is to help institutional investors with innovative solutions in private debt, private equity and renewable infrastructures.

We also provide niche-investment products to banking groups, financial institutions and private banking networks for their retail clients.

Our asset classes

Private Debt

  • Financing instruments complementary to bank lending, to support the development and growth of small and medium enterprises
  • Management of alternative investment funds (AIF) focused on private debt

Private Equity

  • Investments in qualified minority or majority shareholdings, through capital increase alongside management and entrepreneurs of the target
  • Management of ELTIF funds focused on private equity

Renewable Infrastructures

  • Private equity invetments in renewable assets in Italy and Europe
  • Focus in photovoltaic, wind and biogas assets
  • Management of investment funds on renewable energy infrastructures

Liquid Strategies

  • Management of discretionary lines
  • Flexible funds (UCITS)
  • Advisory

Key People

Senior Advisors

John Andrew
Senior Advisor

John Andrew

Senior Advisor

Paolo Basilico

Senior Advisor

Stefano Donnarumma

Senior Advisor

Stefano Mainetti

Senior Advisor

Roberta Neri

Senior Advisor

Thierry Porté

Senior Advisor

Silvia Rovere

Senior Advisor

Paul Schapira

Senior Advisor

Fabrizio Viola

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