Governance model

Simple governance structure to pursue and monitor our commitment

In Equita we are convinced that good governance is key to carry out the Group’s operations in accordance with the principles of social responsibility.

CSR meeting

Over the years we have institutionalised our commitment to an increasingly integrated management of sustainability by defining a Governance based on the voluntary formation of specific bodies dedicated to the supervision and management of CSR topics.

The Board of Directors, in fact, appointed the Chief Executive Officer to act as Head of CSR, who avails himself of the Sustainability Committee, the composition of which reflects an equal balance of gender, roles and age groups, including an adequate representation of younger professionals.

Based on its own rules, the Committee provides the Board of Directors with advice and guidance in relation to sustainable scenarios involving both the coordination and supervision of the functions involved in implementing the CSR strategy.


Recent initiatives

In order to ensure a high degree of awareness throughout the company about what a sustainable culture is, we have:

  • added a Code of Sustainable Conduct and a Recycling Policy to our internal procedures and policies;
  • added indicators relating to CSR standards to the qualitative performance indicators in the Remuneration Policy;
  • adhered to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) based on which we adopted policy for Responsible Investing.
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Principles, values and best practice

All of the Group’s activities are also inspired by compliance with the principles, values and rules found in the Code of Conduct and the Legislative Decree 231/01 Organisational, Management and Control Model which imply the existence of additional company regulations, procedures and policies we have adopted in order to comply with the law and sector best practice including, for example:

  • the Whistleblowing Procedure;
  • the Risk management policy for money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • the conflict of interest policy.

We voluntarily comply with the Borsa Italiana’s "Code of Conduct", using this as the basis for our Governance Model and Internal Control System based on the ESG criteria of "Gender and Diversity”.


Corporate Governance

Learn more about our corporate governance visiting the dedicated webpage.