Board of Statutory Auditors

In accordance with the Bylaws, the Board of Statutory Auditors is made up of three standing auditors and two alternate auditors.

The Board of Statutory Auditors in office, appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on May 7, 2020, shall remain in office until the date of the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting called to approve the financial statements at 31 December 2022.

Board of Statutory Auditors

Franco Guido Roberto Fondi


Born in Milan on 15 May 1952, Franco graduated in Business Administration from the Bocconi University of Milan and is qualified as a chartered accountant.

During his career, he has served as chairman of the board of statutory auditors and statutory auditor in several companies, and has also been involved in the preparation of many publications on tax matters.

Paolo Redaelli

Statutory Auditor

Born in Carate Brianza, on 11 August 1975, Paolo graduated in Business Administration from the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan, completed his academic training by obtaining a master's degree in tax law from such university and is qualified as a chartered accountant and auditor.

In 2000 he began working with Studio Spiniello Commercialisti Associati, becoming a partner in 2014. In performing his professional duties, he mainly deals with tax consultancy for medium and large-sized groups working in the industrial, real estate, financial and services sectors; he also prepares annual and consolidated financial statements, sworn appraisals, company valuations and assets, as well as providing consultancy in extraordinary operations, company reorganizations and enquiries.

During his career, he has served as statutory auditor, sole director and liquidator in several companies, and has also written several publications in the field.

Laura Acquadro

Standing Auditor

Born in Milan on 1 December 1967, Laura graduated with honours in Economics from the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan and graduated in Law, with honours, from the State University of Milan.

She is qualified as a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. As a partner of Studio Acquadro e Associati in Milan, she provides corporate and tax consulting services on a national and international level, as well as assistance in extraordinary corporate transactions and corporate valuations, with specific expertise in the real estate sector.

Laura Acquadro also holds the office of auditor, inter alia, in the following companies: Equita SIM, Spig S.p.A., Jcoplastic S.p.A., Dom 2000 S.p.A., Alem S.p.A., Metalcolor S.p.A., Finbot S.p.A., Ferrari Meccanica S.p.A., Immobiliare Cavour Corsico S.p.A., Metalimmobiliare S.p.A., Fondazione VIDAS and Associazione Teatri di Milano.

She is currently a member of the following boards of directors: Società Finanziamenti Vari S.r.l., Immobiliare Tibaldi S.r.l. Edilnovanta S.p.A., Centro Alto Milanese S.r.l., T.P.2 S.r.l., Fenicia Immobiliare S.r.l. and Società Immobiliare Tangenziale Paullese S.r.l..

Dora Salvetti

Alternate Auditor

Andrea Conso

Alternate Auditor

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