Equita Trading for the Recovery

The initiative to support the recovery of our communities

Special thanks to the clients of our Trading Floor and to the Group’s employees, Board members and Statutory Auditors that have contributed to the initiative “Equita Trading for the Recovery”, the charity day sponsored by Equita to support the recovery of our communities heavily impacted by Covid-19.

Equita Trading for the Recovery

On June 25th, 2020, clients of the Trading Floor – which actively contributed by generating commissions with trading orders –, employees, Board members and Statutory Auditors raised 193 thousand euros to sustain institutions and non-profit organisations with their initiatives to support the recovery. This amount adds to the contributions that Equita donates regularly and reaches the total of 234 thousand euros that will be given to sustain non-profit organisations that support families and children in difficult situations and high-quality education.

Together we will double contributions and student grants that we have been giving for some years to the non-profit organisations and academic institutions mentioned here on the right side. We will also give a sizeable contribution to the Fondo di Mutuo Soccorso established by the Comune di Milano.

Summing all other non-profit grants made by the Equita Group and funds raised with the “Equita Trading for the Recovery” initiative, in 2020 we will donate more than 310 thousand euros thanks to the generosity of clients, employees, Board members, Statutory Auditors.


Ho do we use the funds we raised?

Associazione CAF
Fondazione Panda
Comune di Milano
  • 82 thousand euros to finance scholarships and grants for the most talented students of Bocconi University, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, ALTIS / Cattolica University and the initiative “Fuoriclasse della Scuola” (http://www.fuoriclassedellascuola.it/)
Fuoriclasse della scuola
Thank you for your contribution to our charity initiative!