Investment banking

Equita is one of the leading independent investment banks by number of transactions in Italy. Its Investment Banking team of highly qualified professionals with proven experience and wide-ranging know-how offers a full range of services to businesses, institutional clients and investors.

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Independence - due to the absence of corporate lending positions and major shareholdings - combined with the leadership position in capital markets and highly experienced Research Team, allows Equita to assist clients in any sector and in any financial transaction involving listed and private companies and financial institutions.

Equita has continued to expand its range of services in recent years, partly by recruiting a number of senior professionals dedicated to new products, whilst also improving its positioning on the market.

Equita's has four main business areas, which coordinate and generate synergies with each other. Click here to know more about recent Investment Banking transactions.


Equity Capital Markets

The Equity Capital Markets team offers a whole range of services to raise equity capital by leveraging the distribution capacity and long-term relations Equita has built up with institutional investors over the years.

In the last few years, Equita's well-established leadership in mid-corporate transactions has been accompanied by growing involvement in system-oriented measures to support large-corporates and economic development in Italy.


Debt Capital Markets & Debt Advisory

The Debt Capital Markets and Debt Advisory teams offer corporate issuers and financial institutions expert and independent advice on defining, structuring and raising the debt capital most suited to their specific needs, using both the banking channel and placements on capital markets.

The team is dedicated to raising debt capital through corporate bond placements, leverage buyouts and merger & acquisition financing. In addition to raising debt capital, the team offers debt advisory & restructuring services focused on assisting clients with refinancing, special situations, restructuring and distressed M&A transactions.


M&A Advisory

Equita has established itself in recent years as one the top M&A advisors in Italy by number and value of transactions. It has expanded its team and recruited highly experienced professionals dedicated to both corporate clients and financial institutions.

More specifically, a deep knowledge of the stock markets has enabled Equita to become the advisor of choice for top listed Italian companies in M&A deals and to consolidate its absolute leadership position in proxy fight situations. Equita is also strategically focused on offering advisory services to mid-sized Italian companies to assist with value creation strategies, and to mid-sized Italian financial institutions in mergers and corporate restructuring. The company is dedicating an increasing amount of resources to these areas. The M&A team is also gradually establishing itself in the business of advisory services for top Italian and international private equity funds in both buy-side and sell-side transactions involving Italian companies.


Corporate Broking

Corporate broking business has continued to grow in the last three years, with a significant increase in the number of contracts. Equita helps listed issuers to identify existing and potential investors with the aim of improving their visibility on the market and, consequently, the liquidity of stocks. It also acts as a Specialist.

Corporate broking and specialist contracts generally have a duration of three-years, allowing for a stable and lasting relationship with issuers. We are at the full disposal of the management teams and Boards of Directors of listed companies. Our team closely monitors any potential conflicts of interest and adopts the appropriate internal measures. It organises meetings with the financial community and with other areas of the Equita Investment Banking team to provide support for valuation and execution of corporate transactions.


A simple map of our services

Equity Capital Markets

  • IPOs and listings
  • Private placements
  • Capital increases
  • Market positioning analysis

Debt Capital Markets

  • Investment grade and high-yield bond issues, private placements and "Mini-bonds"
  • Advice on how to access capital markets
  • Renegotiation of existing debt and restructuring in case of judicial and extrajudicial procedures
  • Assistance to creditors in the workout and assistance to creditors in the sale / conversion of credit

M&A Advisory

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • De-mergers / Spin-offs
  • Public offers
  • Corporate evaluations / fairness opinions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Advice on corporate restructuring

Corporate broking

  • Corporate advisor for the Board of Directors
  • Market intelligence and performance analysis
  • Investors’ targeting analysis
  • Role of "Specialist" on listed instruments

Key achievements

  • Leading independent operator in the Italian Equity Capital Markets by number of IPOs and listings since 2013 (transactions above € 10 million)
  • € 1.6 billion raised on capital markets for our clients in 2018 (€ 1.2 billion IPOs, capital raise and ABB and RABBs, € 0.5 billion in bond issues)
  • Global coordinator and bookrunner in equity and bond transactions in 11 transactions in 2018
  • Among the top M&A advisors by number of transactions in the last 5 years
  • Among top independent players in terms of countervalue of transactions
  • Corporate Broking and Specialist mandates constantly growing in the last years
  • Increasingly strategic activity, especially in terms of cross-selling and cross-fertilization of other products and services to companies
  • Supporting corporates in debt structure optimization processes and restructuring transactions
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