Business model

Equita applies a clear and diversified business model that combines two key factors: independence and access to capital markets.

Equita therefore distinguishes from pure financial advisory groups and global investment banks, positioning – thanks to its unique model – as the reference player in the Italian market.

The unique Equita positioning


Distinguishing factors

Today Equita is the largest independent trading floor in Italy, with unparalleled access to capital markets. The almost complete range of investment banking services enables Equita to support all types of clients – from small-medium enterprises to large industrial groups, from financial institutions to public sector companies – in raising capital and offering independent advisory.

Equita also leverages on the innovative Alternative Asset Management platform of Equita Capital SGR – that offers its expertise in the management of liquid and illiquid assets to institutional investors and banking groups – and is well-known for its quality research on listed securities and its focus on mid and small caps.

Distinguishing factors

Another key aspect is sustainability where Equita claims a clear strategy to create value in the long term. Sustainability is threefold for Equita: first of all, we deeply understand sustainability to advice investors about market dynamics and investments’ decisions to be taken with respect to listed companies; secondly, Equita Capital SGR embeds ESG factors within its asset management activities to achieve long-term sustainable returns; lastly, Equita itself must implement strategies which are sustainable over time being a listed and investable company.

All those distinguishing factors, together with the profitability of the business, the focus on low capital absorption initiatives, the strong management committment and the fully aligned interests with investors, make Equita unique in the industry

Operations are divided among different highly synergistic and complementary business lines, supported by an internationally recognised research team of proven experience.