I fuoriclasse della scuola

The initiative that supports the leaders of tomorrow

Since 2016 Equita has been sponsoring the “I Fuoriclasse della Scuola” initiative, the first project in Italy that rewards Secondary School talents, winners of the “Olympiads” organized by the Ministry of Education.

The project, in addition to value students and promote excellence, also intends to involve and raise awareness among students about economics, finance and savings in order to allow young people to acquire the necessary skills for a profitable integration into the business world.

The initiative awards the students of the last three years of secondary school who already won the Olympiads and competitions on different categories like Italian language, mathematics, computer science, etc.

The prizes are financed by companies, banks, foundations and private individuals, and consist in scholarships, participation to 3-days of extensive studies and testimonies about economics, entrepreneurship and financial education, and corporate experiences.

Fuoriclasse equita 2019

For further information about the initiative, please visit the website www.fuoriclassedellascuola.it/english-version/.