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Equita management renews its commitment through the execution of a new shareholders agreement

The new agremeent involves a higher number of managers with the aim to promote an even more stable governance over time.

The New Agreement, executed by 28 shareholders holding directly and/or indirectly a total number of 23,375,439 Equita ordinary shares (equal to 46.75% of the share capital and to 51.43% of the share capital with voting rights), is aimed at renewing and strengthening the partnership and entrepreneurial spirit that has always been a key feature of Equita.

The New Agreement, in force from 31st July 2019, shall expire after 3 (three) years, i.e. on 31st July 2022.

Francesco Perilli, Chairman of Equita, and Andrea Vismara, CEO of Equita, commented: “The signing of a new shareholders' agreement was a step strongly wished for by the management to give continuity to the partnership that for years has distinguished Equita in the market. With the New Agreement, the members are committed on various sides, from voting at shareholders’ meetings to lock-up agreements, thus strengthening the partnership and promoting an even more stable governance over time”.

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