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Equita launches Equita Capital SGR, its new management company that will optimize the Alternative Asset Management activities of the Group

Equita, the leading Italian independent investment bank, announces the establishment of Equita Capital SGR, the new Management Company of the Group that will offer its expertise in the management of liquid and illiquid assets to institutional investors and banking networks looking for customized investment solutions. As part of its asset management activities, the Management Company will take into consideration all the relevant ESG factors affecting Italian SMEs and will cooperate with a team of sustainability experts from Equita and Altis – Università Cattolica, the Graduate Business School and Society of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with which Equita has signed a partnership in February 2019.

The authorization of Bank of Italy, dated 23 July 2019, allows Equita Capital SGR to commence its activities and optimize what Equita has done in recent years with the Alternative Asset Management division. The latter represents the third key business of the Group and offers remarkable growth opportunities in the near future thanks to the synergies it has with other areas like the Research Team.

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