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Brera|z: a new magazine that starts from Palazzo Brera and extends to the city of Milan

“Rooted in history looking towards the world”: this is how the new editorial product Brera|z presents itself. A magazine that starting from Palazzo Brera extends to the city of Milan.

Promoted and sponsored by Equita, the leading Italian independent investment bank, and conceivedand realised by Editoriale Domus, Brera|z is an innovative magazine which contains the stories and events of the institutions that live in Brera and at the same time opens up to the city and dialogues with important European laboratories.

The magazine Brera|z, a quarterly Italian/English bilingual, is an editorial product that explores contemporary art galleries, architectures and exhibitions, and features interviews with the “stars” of the moment. A different point of view to see Milan, a tool dedicated to the large Italian, but also international, public that cares about culture and that attends museums, universities and libraries.

Breraz Immagine

In the first issue of Brera|z: James Bradburne, Director of Pinacoteca di Brera, artists Liliana Moro – alumna of Brera Academy and protagonist of the Italian Pavilion to the Venice Biennale in 2019 – and Gabriele Di Matteo. Then, a focus on the comeback of education in the humanities, a journey into the Botanical Garden and an essay explaining “why Martians come from Milan”. Finally, feedbacks and hints on food from the Italian coverybook Il Cucchiaio d’Argento.

Brera|z stems from the collaboration of Equita and all the “Brera ecosystem” – the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Astronomic Observatory, the Botanical Garden, the Brera Library, the Lombard Institute for Science and Art – together with the valuable support of Editoriale Domus. Brera|z is the corroboration of how different realities can synergistically set out their resources and skills toward the common goal to promote new tools that will spread culture and the “Good” of Milan. This is the second time that Equita and Editoriale Domus join their forces: in 2018 they realized the publication “Accademia Aperta”, an editorial product to describe in details the end-of-year exhibition that takes place each year in Brera and that is traditionally identified as an important “challenge” for both teachers and students.

The passion that lies behind the launch of this new editorial product is what Equita wants to instil to everybody: art and culture must be supported and protected, and these values are the ones that Editoriale Domus has shared since its founding in 1928 and that all the institutions inhabiting the Palace welcome and promote by collaborating with content for dissemination but also for research.

We are strongly convinced that Milan, like other European capitals, deserves a tool to communicate and promote interesting and unique cultural contents, and at the same time provides an overview of the main events of the city. Equita has always been close to the prestigious institutions of Milan and this time honours the city with an insightful magazine like Brera|z” declared Andrea Vismara, Chief Executive Officer of Equita.

The Brera|z magazine is a small yet important event that fills a gap around one of Europe’s most valuable cultural institutions. Today Brera is many things, but most of all it is one of the ventricles of Milan’s heart. A heart that we wish will keep on beating, stronger every day” commented Walter Mariotti, editorial director of Domus and Brera|z.

Since I have been Director General of the Pinacoteca and the Biblioteca Braidense, my aim has been to put Brera back in the heart of the city, from a desire to invite the Milanese to fully experience their most important museum as their second home, after years in which this feeling has been compromised, if not lost entirely. After four years, Brera - its Pinacoteca and its library - have once again captured the heart of Milan and its citizens, and I hope this affection will continue to grow, thanks to the contribution of “Brera-Z”. In this way, Brera will become more and more an expression of the city’s identity as a dynamic, innovative and creative metropolis, and an expression of the values ​​of tolerance, openness and civility” states James Bradburne, director of Pinacoteca di Brera and Biblioteca Braidense.

Brera|z is available at the best newsstands and bookstores.