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A new welfare plan for Equita

Equita unveiled to its employees the new corporate welfare plan 2019. Many new features introduced for both employees and their close family members

With this new welfare plan Equita is keen to foster both skills and well-being of its staff, thereby strengthening the concept of partnership that has always made the company stand out. The aim is to encourage and build loyalty among all staff, from the most senior to the most junior, by offering a combination of both cash and non-cash benefits, together with a pleasant - and hence more productive - working environment.

The initiatives introduced in recent years, accompanied by ever-increasing benefits for all its employees, have helped create a leading-edge company welfare plan in Italy.

Stefania Milanesi, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Equita said: “We are proud of the welfare plan we have created. Each year we introduce new features aimed at further improving the conditions of our professionals and their families. We firmly believe that each professional, from the most junior to the most senior, is crucial for creating value. It is therefore fair that they are valued and encouraged, enabling them to maintain a balance between work and private life. In a sector such as finance, which requires hard work and commitment, the search for a satisfactory work-life balance and a focus on human capital development are aspects that make Equita stand out from the competition, and on which the company places great emphasis”.

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