Premio EQUITA per Brera 2018

“Premio EQUITA per Brera” awards: young talented artists awarded by a jury composed by EQUITA, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Editoriale Domus representatives

  • During the award ceremony, this year to its first edition, the winning artworks have been acquired by EQUITA and scholarships to students and researchers have been awarded

  • Editoriale Domus and EQUITA realized a publication to illustrate Accademia Aperta, the event promoted by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera dedicated to young artists

Milan, 13th December 2018 - Today EQUITA awarded the “Premio EQUITA per Brera” and some scholarships during the initiative, this year to its first edition, with which EQUITA supports young talented artists of the Accademia delle Arti di Brera. The young artists presented their projects and artworks during “Accademia Aperta”, event that takes place every year between July and August, and where classrooms of the historical building of Brera and other secondary locations of the Academy open to the public. 

The award “Premio EQUITA per Brera” promotes the event Accademia Aperta through the celebration of young students and the high-profile research and didactic activities of the Academy, representing an important moment to value art and culture of Milan. 

The award, consisting in the selection and acquisition of four artworks, is among the initiatives put in place by EQUITA in 2018 within the three-year collaboration signed with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The selection of the artworks was made by a mixed jury composed by EQUITA, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and Editoriale Domus representatives

The partnership also foresees the attribution of scholarships for merit to students, researchers and assistants to the teaching faculty selected by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

EQUITA also presented a publication realized with Editoriale Domus that illustrates the 2018 edition of Accademia Aperta and the award “Premio EQUITA per Brera”, a publishing project in line with the strategy adopted by the institutions involved.

We support talents and cultural institutions, and we do it together with qualified partners. We strengthen our values developing strong relationships with communities, creating social development and promoting culture, new opportunities and knowledge” declared Andrea Vismara, chief executive officer of EQUITA. “The Academy is one of the most important art institutions around the globe. It is a great pleasure for EQUITA to contribute positively to the progress and development of society, awarding talented artists and supporting students and researchers, coherently with what we do in other similar initiatives with universities”.

The jury of the award “Premio EQUITA per Brera”, taking into consideration values and competences of each participant, selected four artworks from a starting group previously submitted by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The jury:

  • Livia Pomodoro, president Accademia
  • Franco Marrocco, dean Accademia
  • Giuseppe Bonini, deputy director Accademia
  • Andrea Vismara, chief executive officer EQUITA
  • Francesco Perilli, chairman EQUITA Group
  • Luigi Roth, chairman EQUITA SIM and president Gruppo lombardo dei Cavalieri del Lavoro
  • Maria Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordone, chairman Editoriale Domus

awarded ex-aequo, with the acquisition and permanent exhibition of the artworks at the EQUITA premises in Milan, via Turati 9, the following students:

  • Elena Diana Lupu – Untitled, 2018
  • Jemberu Perrucchini – Gli ultimi giorni di Eliogabalo, 2018
  • Francesca Santoro – Cucirsi insieme, 2017
  • Shiro Teramoto – Untitled, 2017

The winning artworks will be included in a private collection promoted by EQUITA and dedicated to the award “Premio EQUITA per Brera”.
In addition to such winners, Stefania Abico, Nadia Marni, and a group of artists (Ethel Irene Clorinda Annoni, Alessio Cardenia, Sara D’Avola, Marco De Simone, Veronica Foresti, Sara Harder, Alessia Nosella, Stefania Oliveri) were mentioned by the jury.

Then scholarships for merit and particular commitment in extra-didactic activities, such as exhibition designs, workshop coordination and assistance in curating publications in their departments, went to Giacomo Infantino, Giacomo Pigliapoco and Alberto Alhadeff.
Finally, among the tutors of the teaching faculty, three research grants were assigned to Elisa Isella, School of Restoration of the Department of Design and Applied Arts; Tamara Ferioli, School of Painting of the Department of Visual Arts; and William Perera, Design School of the Department of Design and Applied Arts. Underlying the selection was constant commitment in assistance to teaching and the continuous activity of analysis, research, experimentation and planning within the scope of each disciplinary field.

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Premio EQUITA per Brera 2018