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Equita further strengthens its commitment to social initiatives by approving the bylaws of Fondazione Equita


Fondazione Equita, a non-profit organisation that will be established in 2022 by Equita Group and other co-founders, will focus its commitment on talented students, art and culture, local communities, and economic and financial education



Milan, 16 December 2021 - Equita, the leading independent investment bank in Italy, today announces that the Board of Directors of Equita Group (the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries the “Group”) approved the bylaws of “Fondazione Equita Ente del Terzo Settore” (“Fondazione Equita”).

Fondazione Equita, a charitable non-profit organisation, will be established in 2022 and will have among its founders Equita Group, Sara Biglieri (Chairman of the Company), Andrea Vismara (Chief Executive Officer of the Company) and Francesco Perilli (Executive Director of the Company).

Sara Biglieri, Chairman at Equita, declared: “We are founding Fondazione Equita to institutionalise all of the Group’s sustainable and social activities, including initiatives that foster talent, support local communities – especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic – and promote financial education and culture”.

Andrea Vismara, Chief Executive Officer at Equita, commented: “The approval of the bylaws is the first step in creating Fondazione Equita, our non-profit organisation which will be established in 2022. This will allow Equita to coordinate and enhance its commitment toward sustainability and social initiatives and will ensure the maximum transparency thanks to foundations’ regular reporting requirements. Fondazione Equita will also allow other third-parties to contribute and participate to our social initiatives, including Group’s employees, members of the Board of Directors, clients and partners”.

The Group has always been involved in projects and partnerships that aim to promote financial education and culture, as well as help talented students, and supporting local communities. Fondazione Equita will “institutionalise” the Group’s commitment toward sustainable and charitable initiatives. In the last two years, for instance, Equita has donated approximately €400,000 per year, supporting initiatives like “I Fuoriclasse della Scuola” ( and scholarships to finance the education of eligible students at institutions such as the Brera Fine Arts Academy, Bocconi University and ALTIS – Università Cattolica. Fondazione Equita will also allow employees, members of the Board of Directors, Group’s partners and clients to directly support the initiatives sponsored by Equita, ensuring at the same time best-practices and transparency thanks to the regulatory requirements applicable to non-profit organisations (a.k.a. “Enti del Terzo Settore”).

Within its bylaws, Fondazione Equita has identified the following guiding principles:

  • Young students and talent – Foster talented students and invest in their education and development;
  • Economic and financial culture – Spread of economic and financial culture;
  • Art and culture – Enhance the artistic and cultural heritage in Italy and support institutions and entities acting in the field;
  • Community – Invest and pro-actively support local communities by helping other non-profit organisations;
  • Sustainability culture – Spread and foster culture within the economic and financial sustainable domain.

As co-founder, Equita Group will donate a variable amount every year to support Fondazione Equita’s initiatives.