Green Bond (June 2019)

Growing green

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The market of sustainable finance instruments has experienced a strong growth in the last years, sustained by a series of factors:

  • The initiatives of United Nations, that in 2015 launched The Sustainable Development Agenda, through which “all countries will mobilize effort toend all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change”;
  • The growing demand for responsible investments from retail and institutional investors;
  • The increased awareness of financial and corporate institutions towards environmental issues.

In this context Green bond market has expanded since 2007, reaching its peak in 2018, when $168.5bn of new bonds were issued by 193 issuers reaching a cumulative issuance amount of around $521bn. In 2019, global issuance is expected to reach a record $200bn. That growth is impressive, but green bonds remains a small sliver of the $100tn global bond market.

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