BTP Italia, 16th issuance to finance the Covid-19 emergency

The next issuance of BTP Italia, that will take place from May 18 to May 21, 2020, will be the sixteenth issuance of such instrument. But this time it will be crucial: the issue will be entirely dedicated to the Covdi-19 emergency and to initiatives that will support the economic recovery of Italy and will help families and corporates.

The First Phase will be dedicated to retail investors (May 18-20) and will not be subject to any cap to the offer, all the demand will be satisfied. The Second Phase will involve institutional investors (May 21).

Equita, the leading independent investment bank in Italy, will support the issuance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance with its brokerage activities. Equita will help clients to execute orders on the MOT market of Borsa Italiana in the First Phase, as well as in the Second Phase.


MEF - BTP Italia

For further informsation, please visit the Ministry of Economy and Finance website (link).

If you are an institutional investor or would like to trade with Equita, contact your referent or write to info@equita.eu