Brera|z - One Covid-proof gallery

From a concept of Manuel Fagone, founder of home furnishing manufacturing company Officina84, stems spinoff gallery located in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires

Brera|z - Philippe Daverio and Milan

Scholar, critic, teacher, curator and art dealer: Philippe Daverio

Brera|z - City museum districts

One city, twenty museums, four districts: this is how Milan invests in art. Know more about Brera|z, the initiative sponsored by Equita and realised by Editoriale Domus

Brera|z - Teatro alla Scala Citadel

The area once occupied by the former Innocenti plant in the Milan Rubattino district is where the Teatro della Scala Citadel project will be developed

Brera|z - Exhibitions in Milan

The pandemic is not stopping Milan's cultural offer, spanning from antique art to more contemporary avant-garde female artistis

Brera|z - Canova and Thorvaldsen. The reasons for a success

The exhibition comparing the two great sculptors has come to an end. A story that begins in Rome in the last years of the 18th century

Brera|z - A summer enlivened by art. How the market is getting better of Covid-19

Auctions reopen, also thanks to online, with excellent results. Also in Milan

Brera|z - Brera reborn in a Manifesto. James Bradburne announces the gallery's revival after the lockdown

Director since 2015, Bradburne is ready to start again, focusing on a new subscription model, such as Netflix

Brera|z - The chapel of Sant’Aquilino in San Lorenzo: when the past draws the future

The Chapel of Sant’Aquilino, inside the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan, comes back to life