Brera|z - The chapel of Sant’Aquilino in San Lorenzo: when the past draws the future

01 Breraz (luglio 2020) Cappella Sant Acquilino

The chapel of Sant’Aquilino, in the basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan, has returned to life after lengthy restoration lasting more than two years. The chapel, initially dedicated to San Genesio, is the largest in the complex, and is one of the most ancient monuments in the city, evoking the magnificence of imperial Milan. The ancient mausoleum (4th-5th century), its structure largely unchanged since its foundation, preserves precious early Christian mosaics and medieval frescoes, now restored to a new brightness. The monument’s restoration is the first sign of a notable project to showcase ancient Milan by reviving the nearby Roman amphitheatre in “PAN Parco Amphitheatrum naturae”, a green archaeology project that integrates the ruins with vegetation.

Opening image: Restoration of the chapel of Sant’Aquilino in San Lorenzo Maggiore, of the Soprinvendenza archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio of Milan. Photos by Maurizio Montagna


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