Brera|z - Teatro alla Scala Citadel

02 Breraz (aprile 2021) Teatro Scala Milano

An environmentally sustainable institution designed to welcome artists and spectators providing a space for social integration based on an efficient cost-management policy. “Now is the time to look to the future” has declared Superintendent Dominique Meyer.

Against the backdrop of the current historical context that has brought our sociality to a halt, through fixed video-cameras and media streaming, this citadel will expand the theatre’s audience on a global level. An eco-friendly and technological reorganisation envisioned by Mayer in which culture and contemporary sustainability combine. “We should try and imagine what Paolo Grassi would do today to affirm the message of a socially open Teatro alla Scala with today’s new technologies” continues the Superintendent. The core of this project is to collect a wider audience, to bring together opera lovers of all ages and budgets.

Milan City Councillor for Urban Planning Pierfrancesco Maran adds, “It will be a productive exhibition space that used to host 10,000 visitors a year, a work space open to experimentation. And it won’t be the only one, since the Milan Conservatory of Music is already planning a new campus in the Rogoredo area. Basically, we are envisioning and designing new and established cultural institutions paired with Milan’s new districts".

Opening image: Marco Brescia © Teatro alla Scala


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