Brera|z - One Covid-proof gallery

02 Breraz (aprile 2021) Vetrine Buenos Aires Milano

Twenty-five windows along Milan’s famous shopping avenue, showcasing vintage designer objects and artworks that can be admired without necessarily having to enter the store.

Open, visible and smart: this is the new Covid-proof gallery. Strategically placed QR-codes allow viewers and collectors to purchase the items on display via the on-line store.

“We imagined this portal as a virtual extension of the old-fashioned stroll down Galleria Buenos Aires, a tradition made new, exploring the history of interior design and based on a sustainable and artisanal production” affirms Fagone, who adds, “Our goal is to enhance what already exists and has remained hidden for a long time” always respecting anti-Covid health regulations.

Opening image: shop windows on Corso Buenos Aires by SpinOffGallery. Milan


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